About the North Carolina Head Start Association

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The North Carolina Head Start Association (NCHSA) represents 59 federally funded Head Start Grantees across North Carolina. This includes a Tribal (Cherokee) and Migrant programs, as well as community action, private non-profit, county government, board of education and single purpose agencies.


NCHSA programs serve over 17,900 at-risk preschool children and their families, as well as over 2,900 at-risk infants, toddlers, and their families.


Head Start programs partner with:

  • Local Smart Start Partnerships, braiding Smart funds to increase and maintain high quality, comprehensive services
  • North Carolina State Pre-K Agencies, braiding funds to serve both Head Start and North Carolina State Pre-K children in high quality classrooms across the state
  • Local health departments, divisions of social service, educational agencies, libraries, civic groups, and other community service providers to ensure high quality, comprehensive services to children and families


Head Start programs provide for educational, health, and dental services; mental health and nutrition screens; and ensure follow-up services are completed when needs are identified.